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Gold Bullion Bars

SizeFinenessFine Ounce Content
100 oz0.9999Variable
Grain 1000g kilo0.999932.148
20 oz0.999920
10 oz0.999910
5 oz0.99995
2 oz0.99992
1 oz0.99991
1/2 oz0.99990.5
0.25 oz0.99990.25

Perth Mint Gold Bar 1 oz

Gold Bars made by Australian Perth Mint are the world class Bars recognized by any Gold industry and Businesses. The most elegant and respected Bars known among the Dealers and Clients domestically in Australia as well as globally. According to the international standards, the purity of the Perth Mint Kangaroo gold bar is 99.99 which is the main factor of trust among the clients and businesses.

Perth Mint Gold Bar 10 oz

Australian Perth Mint has been successfully launched a new Gold Bar 10 OZ in January 2010. The attractive Perth mint’s logo has an authentic drift expressing the prestigious rights in the industry. Being attractive for the investors, this Bar has a certified security seal which shows the mint condition of the bar as well as the easiness for the purchase and repurchase purpose.

Perth Mint Gold Bar 10 grams

The Perth Mint 10 gram Gold Bar is one of the most desirable Bar in the industry. You can have your order from Montreal Gold Stock. All the bars have a unique serial number which are more authentic and efficient.

Perth Mint Gold Bar 100 grams

For the convenient of the clients we provide the Perth Mint 100 gram Gold Bar at Montreal Gold Stock. Perth Mint 100 gram gold Bar is the most attractive Bar for the small investors who are comparing cost effectiveness and resale value.

Perth Mint Gold Bar 1 kg

The Perth Mint 1 kg Gold Bar is available for the potential clients at Montreal Gold Stock. We also provide Johnson Mathey 1 kg Gold Bar.

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar 1 oz

The Royal Canadian Mint 1 OZ Gold Bar is well known among Canadian investors and it is available at Montreal Gold Stock.

Scotiabank Gold Bar 1 oz

Scotia Bank is one of the largest bank in Canada providing stamped sealed Gold 1 OZ Bar. These Bars are available at Montreal Gold Stock.

Valcambi Gold Bar 1 oz

The Valcambi Gold 1 OZ Bar is very popular Bar in the world, these Bars are available at Montreal Gold Stock.

BMO Gold Bar 1 oz

BMO Gold 1 OZ Bars are available at Montreal Gold Stock.

Metalor Gold Bar 1 oz

Metalor Gold 1 OZ Bars are available at Montreal Gold Stock.

Metalor Gold Bar 1 kg

Metalor Gold 1 kg Bars are available at Montreal Gold Stock.

Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)Diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)

Gold Panda Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)Diameter (mm)

Gold American Eagle Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)Diameter (mm)
1.091 (33.933) grams.916+or/22k31.103332.7
.5455 (16.966) grams.916+or/22k15.55127
.272 (8.483)
.1091 (3.393) grams.916+or/22k3.1116.5

Gold Krugerrand Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)Diameter (mm)
1.0909.916 or 22
0.545.916 or 22
0.272.916 or 22
0.109.916 or 22

Gold Vienna Philhamonica Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)Diameter (mm)
19999+ or 24
1/29999+ or 24
1/49999+ or 24
1/109999+ or 24

Gold Sovereign Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)Diameter (mm)
(7.9881 grams)
.916 2/3 or
22 karats
7.3224 (0.2354 troy oz)22

Gold 50 Peso 1947 Coin

Weight (troy oz)Gold (purity)Fine Gold (grams)
1.3396.900 or 21.6 Karats41.6666 (1.2057 troy oz.)

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin 1 oz

The Perth Mint 1 OZ coin 9999 is the most popular coin in the precious metal industry. The kangaroo at the back coin is very beautifully art worked.

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin 1 kg

Australian Kangaroo 1 kg Coin 9999 made by Perth Mint is available at Montreal Gold Stock.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin 1 oz

The new brand 2014 1 OZ Gold Canadian Maple leaf coin is the most reputable in Canada as well as recognized worldwide.

Buffalo Gold Coin 1 oz

The most popular American Gold Buffalo 1 OZ coin is available at Montreal Gold Stock for the investors and clients.

Silver Bullion Bars & Coins

Bar SizeFinenessFine Ounce Content
1000 oz0.999Variable
500 oz0.999Variable
100 oz0.999100
1000g (kilo)0.99932.15
10 oz0.99910
1 oz0.9991
Silver Maple Leaf Coin0.99991
Silver Grizzly0.99991
Silver Eagle0.9991

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar 1 oz

The Johnson Mathey Sliver Bars are one of the biggest brand in the precious metal industry. These bars are available as 1 OZ, 10 OZ, 100 OZ and 1000 OZ at the Montreal Gold Stock.

Valcambi Suisse Silver Bar 1 kg

The Valcambi Suisse 1 kg Bar is highly traded Bar in the Precious metal industry of Europe as well as North America. It is manufactured in SwissZerland with the quality.

Gold Stock Silver Bar 10 oz

Gold Stock 10 OZ Silver Bar is available at Montreal Gold Stock and at Toronto Gold Stock.

American Eagle Silver Coin 1 oz

The American Silver Eagle 1 OZ Coin is the most prevalent Coin in the North America.

Maple Leaf Silver Coin 1 oz

The most prominent Canadian silver maple leaf coin 1 OZ made by Royal Canadian Mint.


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